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Custom Builds

Build your next project with us.

It’s a lifestyle
Wolfsmiths Heights lives and breathes internal combustion. You can purchase your next project, commission your own custom build, restore your old family classic or just come for the espresso, we'd love to meet you.
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Est. 2009

Where counter-consumer moto & car culture lives.

Built around the idea of reviving old machines to run with the best of them - Wolfsmiths Heights seeks to facilitate the convergence of comrades who share this idea. We have created a gathering place for those who value craftsmanship, purposefully made goods, and the sturdiness of a classic engine. 

What is Wolfsmiths Heights? It is a dealership specialized in selling resto-mods, lifestyle goods, and good times all under one roof in Houston Heights.

Located at 636 W 26th St., Houston, TX 77008


Motorcycle Storage

Need a place to store your Motorcycle? “Wolfsmiths Heights” is now offering motorcycle Storage

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Wolfsmiths Coffee

Wolfsmiths Heights is Houston's original restomod shop serving up Espressos. Conveniently located inside the loop in the Heights at 636 W 26th St. 


Function Meets Form

Just like our San Remo F18 Espresso Machine, the team is made up of wolves using old and new techniques to create one-off machines that are both gracefully designed and built with high performance in mind.


Air-Cooled Culture

Wolfsmiths Heights specializes in all things custom. Be it two-wheel or four-wheel, Wolfsmiths Heights facilitates custom rebuilds, and sells complete restomods and project builds.
Interested in Vintage Wolfsmith Heights products & want to learn a thing or two? Check out these articles!
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