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Temporada | 16oz | Amaya Roasting Co.

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Amaya strives to carry only the finest quality coffee in their inventory and do so by working with respectable and responsible coffee farmers, exporters, and importers. All coffee is roasted in a manner that highlights nuance and brings balance to the sweetness, acidity and depth of flavors. Because they strive to accentuate the complexity of this high quality produce, coffees are roasted from a light to medium roast coloration.

Temporada is a balanced and sweet espresso comprised of the finest quality seasonal coffees. 


Red Plum, Toffee, Dark Chocolate


Hacienda Sonora, Cartago, Pedra Redonda


Costa Rica, Colombia, Brasil


Catuaí, Caturra, Colombia


Honey, Washed, Pulped Natural